Lightfilled successes

There are two things that come to mind from when I first started working with Karen, receiving Wellpoint Hypnosis sessions.  Firstly, it is so easy to settle into talking about the upcoming personal session.  Karen has such gentle and compassionate energy that helped me to feel safe, relaxed and held. Secondly, Karen is able to hold the space so that you can go deep within, explore and question. There is a feeling of being nurtured throughout the session as well as after. The work she is facilitating is so valuable for each individual.  Karen is so generous with her time, her knowledge and her compassion.  She has vast knowledge of all things energetic and is always willing to share what she understands, and she listens intently.  I am truly grateful for all of the times that I spend in session with Karen – I have regular monthly hypnosis sessions. My life is changed and will continue to do so as we sit in more sessions together. Blessings



I contacted Karen to help me with my daughters reports of disturbing black visions and sleepless nights. Karen responded urgently to clear our home and bring it back into balance of love & light. Not only did she get to work straight away she was able to use her wonderful gift to identify work which needed done. This experience removed any doubt from my mind that spiritually my home and children were rebalanced. I was blown away with the difference it made, my daughter is more content no longer feels a presence watching her, her sense of dread has been replaced with positivity. My only regret is that I have not meet Karen years ago, I’m very keen to work in all the forwarding guidance she has provided. Her sense of caring and follow up gave me great comfort dealing with things i have little experience with. Karen has taught me I don’t need to understand all that is present but I can now I can practice calling on love and light to my home. Karen is very professional, discreet and is genuinely interested in helping people to improve their lives. My next venture will be hypnosis I never thought I would ever find someone to trust to even want to try this! Thank you Karen you are truly amazing.

Michelle McGuiness



I have connected with the beautiful Karen a number of times now for various healings……all of them so amazing!
I contacted Karen this time with a special request, it was time for me to let go of the hurt and heart ache I was feeling and carrying for 18 years after my gorgeous cousin had past away, this year he would be 25 years old. I had the idea not to take what no longer serves me into 2019, and with in minutes my head just kept saying over and over again text Karen, text Karen! So as soon as I stopped driving, I listened and text Karen!
Karen connected with me and my cousin the very next day. I was nervous, this was something I had carried for so long, what was going to happen? What would it feel like without the pain there?
It was beautiful💕 I can not even describe how beautifully loving the experience was. Yes I cried for the whole time we were connected…… was magical.
Karen in her gorgeous soft voice relaying messages from this beautiful little boy, who was now a man in the spirit world.
We had been holding each other back! A piece of him has stayed in my heart all these years, we both weren’t whole. My heart was broken where his little hand had stayed because we didn’t say good bye😢 yes I had felt it there once before!
Karen asked if I was ready to let him leave and heal both of us? And through her beautiful self and the wonderful work she does, we said our good byes. I could see and feel my younger self hugging the little boy that I loved so deeply as we let each other go. It was truly breathtaking, one experience I will never forget.

I feel lighter! I feel freer! I feel ready to move forward in my life and on with my life purpose……not that I have any idea what that is, I do know that it will revel it’s self in time.
I will never forget him nor will I ever stop thinking about him! But the hurt and heart ache has left those thoughts. I hope I can see him in my dreams now we are whole, i’m sure I will connect with him again soon!💕😇😊
This photo was taken hours before he drowned at the Christmas 🎄 party his family were at. Now looking back, he really did leave so much for us before he left!




In December 2016 I was diagnosed with PTSD after a traumatic event, that was an unexpected confrontation from my past. The days following the event were some of the darkest days in my lifetime and, quite frankly, there were times that if it wasn’t for my children and Karen’s guidance I would not be here writing this today. During this time I started having regular sessions with Karen. There are no words I can use to describe the journey she has taken me on and the outcomes that we have achieved. Karen has assisted me to become more in tune with my body, physically, emotionally and spiritually. During our sessions she was able to help me to identify why I was experiencing some of the emotions I was, to confront them without fear and work through a healing process. She has provided me with essential tools to enable me to self-manage stressful situations moving forward and, perhaps most importantly, given me the courage to trust in my intuition. Karen’s holistic approach to counselling has proven to be invaluable in my healing process.



I would love everyone possible to have the chance to work with Karen. Not only is Karen profoundly intuitive and wondrously wise, time with her is time with the Divine. Her meditations, readings and encouragement feed and encourage the soul at deep level. And if you have a dream, as I did, Karen works gently with you to release the blocks and allow the dream to come forth. Mine was a long journey but Karen encouraged me throughout and now I can joyously report my dream has come true. I will publish the story I have longed to tell for 14 years and I can thank, in very large part, Karen for helping me get here. She walks her talk of life being full of ‘infinite possibilities’ and shines her light for us all.

Your work is sublime, dearest Karen – thank you!



Thank you Karen, for your amazingly supportive coaching, and spiritual guidance. Through meditation, tapping, and visualisation, I am able to get through one of the most difficult times of my life.

You are always intuitively able to know exactly what area of need I have at a particular time and guide me through, giving me the tools and techniques that allow me to take control of my life direction. It’s such a wonderful, open, trusting and comfortable connection I have with you and I always look forward to the next light filled coaching session.

Many, many thanks as meeting you has had a positive and profound impact on my life.

Catrina K


Karen and I had three sessions. With her kind guidance, I was able to gain clarity and get to the root of my problems, more easily than ever before.   During the sessions, Karen used beautiful visualization techniques that helped me to feel stronger, more centred and ‘new’. She also gifted me with a different perspective of my life issues, allowing me to accept, release and grow in a positive way.

Karen suggested some great exercises to practice regularly at home. I followed her advice and had great results, as I felt myself shifting toward a more empowered and true ‘me’. At the same time, my healing happened gently, thanks to Karen introducing me to a very beautiful and positive way to heal.

Karen is a beautiful person who is very dedicated to helping others, and very respectful and non-judgemental. I felt my self being lovingly held by Karen, in a space where I felt safe to release my emotions and trusted her completely. I feel blessed to have found her.



I have been very fortunate in my personal journey to have connected with Karen who is truly a beautiful soul. Our paths have intertwined on both high and low circumstances, but more so when my daughter Dimity was called back to the Angels. Karen was a wonderful support in a very dark time, which I then stayed in for so long.

Living life through a glasshouse is probably the best description of this time, until I started to do some personal work again with Karen. I can only describe the coaching sessions like pulling back the layers of hurt to finally heal the intense wound inside. Through this personal work I have learnt to understand and accept myself, which is something I have always struggled to do.

Visualizations have been a big part of every session, and have helped me to reconnect with my daughter, and my Dad, in the spirit world. They have also helped me find a place within where I feel truly safe, nurtured, and happy. They are something I practice on a daily basis now and I am becoming lighter and happier.

I consider myself extremely blessed to have the support and the tools that Karen is providing me with, to overcome the demons in my life. I am one of the lucky ones to finally acknowledge my inner self and to start nourishing my soul so that I can be the better person I know I am becoming.

Thank you Karen for helping me live again.

Karina H   NSW


Karen’s work is invisible; her capabilities endless, her sincerity, honesty, delights are exceptionable.

Our phone conversation was the one which changed the matrix of my existence. Advice and assurance given to me by a fellow human being whom I have never met and yet know helped without hesitation, I have to admire.  She works with love and spirit, the outcome is pure bliss, no matter the distance.

Hedy (Sydney)


I first met Karen in 2005 when she started doing meditation classes, clairvoyant readings and energy healings in my local country town. Karen always works in a very safe environment, in love and light, calling on the guidance of the Divine, the Archangels, our spirit guides, and working to our highest good.

I have stayed in touch with Karen over the years as she and her family have worked their way around Australia. Karen’s work is absolutely beautiful and very powerful.

Distance is no barrier at all in Karen’s work. I have done distant healing work with Karen over the phone for years, clearing negative energy from me and my family members, healing relationships, and healing our farm as well as other places.

My family and I have come through some very hard times. After these clearings, the weight of negativity is cleared and the vibration lifted and I feel the harmony return.

I never hesitate to call Karen when I feel the need. We set up a time and date that is convenient for us both.

I am very happy to recommend Karen’s clearing work and meditation classes and all that she does.

I am so very grateful. Thank you Karen




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